My goal is to assist you with conscious food choices, supplementation knowledge and lifestyle habits to help reach your personal health and wellness goals.  


Ranging but not limited to; weight loss or gain, pre & postnatal care, nutritious and balanced meals, energy levels, skin clearing, juicing & detoxing, and other health issues.

I will be your cheerleader, actively keep you on the path to where you’d like to be and help celebrate your achievements along the way.

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and cannot diagnose or treat medical conditions,

but I can support you on your nutritional  journey.



Feel free to email me for a complimentary consultation to discuss how I can help.

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Nutrition Coaching

1 Month Program $475

3 Month Program $1250

60 minute Initial Skype or Phone Get-to-Know
Weekly Check-ins (phone or in person) 

Customized Action Plan

Goal Based Meal Program and Personalized Weekly Menus

Kitchen Efficiency and Time Saving Tips 

What to Buy, How to Prepare

Private Virtual Chef & Nutrition Specialist 

$75 / hour

A Goal Based Hour Together on Zoom

Customized For Your Personal Health 

Ideas may include; meal prep, meal planning, foods for weight loss / gain, snack ideas,

dinner variety, gut-healing foods, skin-foods, kids food, sugar cravings, etc... 

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 Private Chef

$125 / hour

Package Options

5 Sessions $1425

10 Sessions $2750

20 Sessions $4975 

Customized Action Plan 

All Meals Prepped, Cooked and Ready to Eat

Does not include grocery shopping

One Month In-House Program


90 Minute Initial Meet

Customized Action Plan Curated Specifically to Your Goals and Food Preferences

Includes All Meals, Grocery Shopping and Cost of Food

Phone and Text Support

*price can vary depending on needs and family size

BodyMind Intensive Reset

1 Week Program $150

2 Week Program $250

Has your weight fluctuated without clear reason,

feeling sluggish, bloated, confused or lacking energy?

The Mind Body Reset is a personalized, disciplined program

that helps you identify what shifts can be made to regain your energy and sense of self.

I will guide you through balanced menu plans, meal prep,

delicious recipes & nutrition strategies.

I’ll also help you with morning routines, body movement,

conscious eating, breaking habits, daily detoxing,

and deepening the relationship with food. 

Guided Organic Juice Cleanse*

3 day cleanse / $165

7 day cleanse / $375

21 day cleanse / $995

Juicing is powerful way to reboot the body and mind. 

I will help guide you through a pre and post juice cleanse and deliver fresh juice to your home.

During the days of only juice I will provide you with knowledge on:

  • vitamins and minerals

  • short and long term effects of cleansing

  • detoxing for the internal organs

  • ways to increase and sustain energy

Removing food may be a difficult idea to wrap the mind around, but I assure you it is one of the most empowering, life changing experiences.

*Please email me if you are interested in doing this virtually.

Payment Plans Available Upon Request