JESSE krux






I was raised in a family where food meant gathering, togetherness

and sharing delicious meals.

During my youth, dad was always chopping, seasoning or preparing.

Mom has continued to satisfy my mind and palate with

techniques and ideas in the kitchen.

I have a passion for flavors, texture, color and simplicity.

I think there’s a romantic relationship between food and it’s source - where it came from, who grew it, the health of the soil, and ultimately its ability to give us life and sustained energy.

I’ve struggled with cystic acne for nearly a decade, I dove deeper into nutrition to continue learning the effects food has on the skin.

Through this voyage of endless experiments, food eliminations and hours of study I’ve come to learn that the health of the skin is directly

related to the health of the gut.

So, my drive for clear skin turned into creating a healthy microbiome in the belly.  

Which amplified my true love for food in it’s raw form and it’s innate power to heal. 


I studied Culinary Nutrition and Holistic Wellness at the South West Institute of Healing Arts, in Phoenix, AZ.  

I believe food is medicine and it has the capacity to transform the body and mind.

Having a balanced mind-body-spirit connection is so important in creating harmony in our lives, both internally and externally.

With a bit of guidance and knowledge we truly can shift our lives through food.

Today, my goal is to guide others, helping them with mindful food choices

and implementing tools for growth and self-love. 

I recently became a mom to a beautiful baby boy, we live in Brooklyn and part time

on our organic farm in upstate New York. 


"If we don't take care of our bodies,

where are we going to live?"